“WP Estate | Real Estate Responsive WordPress Theme” Documentation - v 3.03

“WP Estate | Real Estate Responsive WordPress Theme”

Created: June 20, 2013.
Updated: August 24, 2015.
Support: http://support.wpestate.org/

Thank you for purchasing my theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please see also our Video Tutorials - http://wpestate.org/video-tutorials/ or open a ticket here -http://support.wpestate.org/. Thanks so much!

Table of Contents

  1. HTML Structure
  2. CSS Files and Structure
  3. JavaScript
  4. Sources and Credits
  5. PHP Code Explanation
  6. Pins PSD
  7. WP Estate Installation & Features Explained
    1. Installation
      1. Theme Install
      2. Demo Content
    2. WordPress Settings
      1. Homepage
      2. Menu
      3. Sidebars
    3. WP Estate Custom Posts and Settings
      1. Custom Post Settings
      2. Custom Page Templates
      3. Links inside borders
      4. Borders
      5. Properties Posts
      6. Agents Custom Posts
      7. Transform Users to Agents (v2.03)
      8. Map Custom Settings
      9. Save Favorites (v2.02 updated)
      10. Custom Headers *v2.05
    4. Shortcodes
      1. Buttons
      2. Columns
      3. Google Maps (removed starting v2.05)
      4. Icon Content Box
      5. Recent Items
      6. Slider
      7. Table
      8. Tabs
      9. Lists
      10. Tagline
      11. Testimonial
      12. Toggle & Accordion
      13. Typography
      14. Video
      15. Featured Article
      16. Featured Property
      17. Featured Agent
      18. Space
      19. Advanced Search
    5. Widgets
      1. WP Estate Social Links
      2. WP Estate Contact
      3. WP Estate Featured Listing
      4. WP Estate Facebook box
      5. WP Estate Mortgage Calculator
      6. WP Twitter Widget
      7. WP Estate Flickr Box
      8. Footer Widgets
      9. Advanced Search widget
      10. Zillow Estimation
      11. Login/user dashboard Widget
    6. Theme Options - improved design in 2.0
      1. General Settings
      2. Social & Contact
      3. Appearance
      4. Google Maps Settings
      5. Membership and Payment Settings
        1. User Dashboard pages
        2. Front End Submission - FREE LISTINGS
        3. PayPal set-up
        4. Stripe Set-up
        5. PayPal PAID LISTINGS
      6. Design
      7. Pins Management and Icon Management
      8. Properties Custom fields (NEW in 2.0)
      9. Advanced Search - custom fields
      10. Listings Features and Amenities. Listings Labels
      11. Enable Facebook Login
      12. Google Login *updated starting v2.05
    7. WP Estate Search Options
    8. Translation
    9. dsIDXpress WordPress Plugin compatibility for IDX/MLS listings
    10. Revolution Slider
    11. BOOKING OPTIONS (New in 3.0)
      1. Admin booking settings
      2. Front end - owner booking settings
      3. Front end - user renting booking settings
      4. PayPal set-up
      5. Stripe Set-up
  8. WPML help
  9. Change Log
  10. Support & Custom Work

A) HTML Structure - top

This theme is a responsive layout with one column for sidebar. All of the information within the main content area is nested within a div with an id of "post". The sidebar's content is within a div with an id of "primary". The general template structure is the same throughout the template.

The header is contained in a header element with the id "branding" while the footer is in a footer element with the id="colophon".

If you would like to edit the color, font, or style of any elements in one of these columns, you would do the following:

#primary a {
    color: #someColor;

To ensure that your new styles are applied, make sure that they carry enough "weight" and that there isn't a style lower in the CSS file that is being applied after yours.Use tools like Firefox Firebug or Developer tools in Chrome to identify the id and class of the elements and see if your changes are working.

B) CSS Files and Structure - top

I'm using several CSS files in this theme. The first one is the style.css with has a generic reset file.Almoust all styling is in this file. The file is separated into sections using

The second file contains all of the specific stylings for the page. The file is separated into sections using:

/* =Single
	some code
/* =property
	some code
	etc, etc. 

If you would like to edit a specific section of the site, simply find the appropriate label in the CSS file, and then scroll down until you find the appropriate style that needs to be edited.

The second most important file is the my_media.css which contain media queries and css alterations in order to achive the theme responsivness.

In the style.css there also included several small files like flexslider.css or prettyphoto.css. These files comes witht the 3dparty plugins and handle styling for those elements.

The theme also let you modify the visual aspects of his elements. You can do that via the the theme options menu. All the changes you made here will be saved into database and transformed in a css file in custom.php

In theme options there is a custom field called custom.css. You can paste any css file alteration in there and it will be applyed to the front site.

C) JavaScript - top

This theme imports several Javascript files.

  1. jQuery
  2. My custom scripts
  3. Some plugins
  1. jQuery is a Javascript library that greatly reduces the amount of code that you must write.
  2. The javascript code (except the google maps code) is found in 2 main files : control.js and property.js . The property.js is containing actions and animations only for property page while control.js is covering the whole site. The google map api code is found in google_map_code_contact.php for contact template page, google_map_code_prop.php for property page and google_map_code.php for the rest of the files. The files have the php extension but they "print" a javascript output.
  3. There are several plugins inported. I use a modified version of the elastslide for the single page slider, Modernizer for detecting browser resolution, prettyphoto for picture display and imagesloaded for handling image loading.

D) Sources and Credits - top

I've used the following images, icons or other files as listed:

  1. Gumby Css FrameWork
  2. FlexSlider
  3. Elastislide
  4. Colorpicker
  5. PrettyPhoto
  6. Google Maps API 3
  7. Images are free for personal and commercial use from http://morguefile.com/
  8. Listing icons are free from commercial and personal use, from http://thenounproject.com/
  9. Some of the photos used on the homepages demos are free: to Share — to copy, distribute and transmit the work to Remix — to adapt the work to make commercial use of the work, Under the following conditions: Attribution — You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work). Author: Mirage Floors, photos from FLICKR

E) PHP Code Explanation - top

All theme files call a sidebar orientation function in the begining. The function is called 'sidebar_orientation' , is defined in functions.php and return an array with custom values for that particular page. It can have information about sidebar orientation, content width or other useful classes.

Since the breadcrumbs desing is a special one 2 related functions are also called. The firs one is called breadcrumb_container and display the breadcrumbs for full page mode or set the container for the left/right mode. The second function is called display_breadcrumbs and return a string with the breadcrumb container for the left/right cases.

There also 2 custom post defined. These custom posts are agent defined in libs/agents.php and property defined in property.php. For each of this custom post types there is a "single" page that show the content for one of these entries. The files are single-agent.php for agent and single-property.php for property.

These 2 custom post type have also a "listing" template. To agent list is in the agent-list.php file while the property list is in property_list.php . Since the property custom post type has several taxonimies there is also a taxonomy file called taxonomy.php

The files for admin are libs/theme-admin.php(with php code) and libs/theme_admin_html.html (html template). All the widgets are defined in the folder libs/widgets.

F) Pins PSD - top

You can find the .psd files for the Google Maps pins in the folder PSD. After you update the pins, follow instructions from 3.1 Properties, how to change Pins and categories.

G) WP Estate Installation & Features Explained - top

1.1 Theme Installation - top

First of all make sure you have a valid WordPress installation. Here's a tutorial for how to do that http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress#Famous_5-Minute_Install. Next you can upload the theme with one of these 2 methods:

FTP method:

  1. Upload the folder wpestate contents to the wp-content/themes folder on your server.
  2. Activate the theme in the Appearance / Themes menu in WordPress Admin.
  3. Open the theme configuration page and set up theme options.

WordPress method:

  1. Extract package downloaded from ThemeForest.
  2. Compress the folder wpestate.
  3. Upload the new file using Appeareance / Themes / Install Themes uploader
  4. Activate the theme

This is the link to our Video Tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHCfR24tQAg

After you activate the theme please follow these steps in order to setup your site and get started.

  1. Import content demo content. (optional, not recommended if you already have your own content).
  2. Go to Admin- Theme Options - Google Maps and fill in the landing address for Google Maps. To find out Latitude and Longitude for Google Maps, starting point go to Google Maps, find your location, click right on the location on the map and click “What’s here”. Coordinates will show in the search bar on top.
  3. Optional. Set Google Api Key (the link to the documentation for how to generate your own Google Maps API Key: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/tutorial#api_key ).
  4. Set the rest of general settings for your website: Currency Symbol, Where to show currency symbol and Measurement unit.
  5. If you imported the demo content go to Appearance - Menus and set/save the Main Menu. If you haven’t imported content, from Appearance - Menus create your own menu and save it as Primary Menu.
  6. Add some Widgets on sidebars (*footer sidebars also) from Appearance - Widgets.
  7. Go to Theme Options > Social & Contact and fill in the form with your contact data.
  8. Go to Admin - Pages - Add New Page -> Choose Template - Contact Page - Click Save. All the information from No 7 will be listed here.

1.2 Demo Content - top

IMPORTANT: After demo content is imported, go to Themes – activate an older theme then activate WP ESTATE again. Properties in demo have been added before making some of the newest WP ESTATE features. This is required for properties imported to show in new installs correctly.

If you want to import the demo content (the one that you see on http://wpestatetheme.org), you can import the XML located in the demo_content folder. For that go to Tools -> Import and activate & use the WordPress Imported.

What is not imported and you have to add after demo is completed: sidebars, widgets to sidebars and footer, condo, villa and duplex icons, revolution sliders.

If you site is already in production we DON'T RECOMMEND to import the demo content.

The demo content file is large because we offer all the images in the demo. Your hosting may have a speed/file size limit which will affect the import demo content process. The solution is to repeat the IMPORT operation until all content is added to your website.

Video Tutorial - http://wpestate.org/video-tutorials/how-to-import-demo-content-in-wp-estate-theme/

2. Settings - top

2.1 Homepage - top

Homepages are built with the regular WordPress page and a combination of shortcodes as content. You can create unlimited pages and select any of them as you homepage.

To create a new page go to Admin -> Pages -> Add New Page -> Add content and click Publish when you’re done. Make sure that Default Template is selected in the Page Attributes panel.

After you create the new page, go to Settings -> Reading and check the static page option as "Front page displays".Then select the name of the page you’ve already created and hit save.


How to change the Google Maps zoom level for homepage:

Go to edit page - Map settings and edit zoom level. Then click "publish" to save the new updates. From the same panel you can replace the header map with a static image. d

How to make the homepage google maps smaller

Go to Theme Options - Google Maps Settings - and select Show Small Slider on Front Page - YES, then save:

How to Relace Google Maps with revolution Slider

Create a Revolution Slider in the REVOLUTION SLIDER menu. Below you see a screenshot for our demo homepage slider (v8)

Go to Pages - Edit page and edit the homepage Revolution Slider name. Then save the changes by clicking on "Publish" button.

Here is the one homepage shortcode arrangement we created in the demo:

Homepage V1

Homepage V2

Homepage V3

Homepage V4

Homepage V5

Homepage V7

Homepage V8

WP Estate supports one menu with multiple dropdown menus (up to 5 but we recommend to use 2, 3 the most so that it's easy to navigate).

To create the menu go to Appearance -> Menu. Create a new menu and add the links using the panels listed on the left.

If you don't see all the panels from the theme, go to Screen Options in header and check those missing. Click Save when you’re done creating the menu.

When the menu is ready go to Manage Locations on the same page and select it from the dropdown list. Click “SAVE” and "Select as Primary menu"




How to Edit the Menu.


How to add Categories, Areas, Actions and Cities list pages to menu.


The menu can be organized in sub-levels (you can add 2, 3, 4 or 5 level menus). Arrange the order in Admin panel with drag & drop and Click 'Save' when you're done.

By default, WP Estate comes with six sidebar options: "Primary Widget Area","Secondary Widget Area", "First Footer Widget Area", "Second Footer Widget Area", "Third Footer Widget Area" and "Fourth Footer Widget Area.

The "Primary" and "Secondary" are for the regular sidebars while the rest apply for the 4 footer columns.

Additional to the “Primary” and “Secondary” sidebars you can create unlimited sidebars and assign them to individual pages or posts. To create a NEW sidebar go to Appearance > Sidebars and use the "+ Add Sidebar" link.

Then go to Appearance -> Widgets and populate the sidebar with the Widgets Available (use drag and drop).


3. WP Estate Custom Settings - top

3.1 Custom Post Settings - top

  1. Show Title (Yes or No)
  2. Sidebar Settings :Where to show sidebar (left, right or none) and select the sidebar from the drop down list.
  3. Border Type (agent border, listing border, blogborder or no border). The colors are changeable from Admin - Appearance - Theme Options - Design. (see more about borders in chapter 3.4).


  4. Map Settings: they replace the Google Maps that show by default in the header, under main menu. You can select different coordinates for Google Maps or you can upload an image that replaces Google Maps (should be at least 1600px width, no height limit imposed)
  5. These settings apply to only to POSTS created from Admin - Posts - Add New:

  6. Group Pictures in Slider. This feature refers to the Post Slider that appears right at the beginning of a blog post. The slider is ccreated with all the images you attach to the post (you don't need to click on the insert into post button)
  7. Add Video ID (video from Vimeo or YouTube). This feature applies in the Slider. If you copy/paste here the embed Video ID from the URL it will show as the first thumb in the slider. You can click on it and view it on the slider. EX: http://vimeo.com/ondemand/somegirls/69277800 (Video ID 69277800); http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EjG-1U3wqA (Video ID is 5EjG-1U3wqA)
  8. Sidebar Settings: Where to show sidebar (left, right or none) and select the sidebar from the drop down list.
  9. d
  10. Select Featured Image. The featured image will be used as thumbnail for the blog post in the Blog List, Featured Article & Latest Articles shortocodes.

3.2 Custom Page Templates - top

There are 7 custom page templates at your disposal in Admin Panel -> Pages -> Add New/Edit Page -> Page Attribute -> Template.

You can specify boder and google maps zoom for each template, except User Dashboard templates.

  1. Default Template.

    Here you can add text, images and any of the shortcodes listed in the WordPress Editor Menu.

  2. Advanced Search Results.

    You already receive one Advance Search page when you install the theme. You don’t need to create another one. Just go to Pages - Edit Page and choose the sidebar settings (optional) and Google Maps zoom. This page will list the advanced search results when using Advanced Search options from Google Maps (header).

  3. * The number of results listed on this page is controlled from Admin -> Settings -> Reading -> Blog pages show at most -> Select the number -> Click Save. The same setting applies to the Blog List - Number of blog posts listed on one page.

  4. Agent List. The page will list all agents you publish on the blog. This is a demo of this page: http://wpestatetheme.org/agents-list/ Agent List page has pagination. The theme is set to show 10 agents on each page.

  5. Blog List Page. This page lists all posts you publish on the blog. This is a demo of this page: http://wpestatetheme.org/blog-list/

  6. Compare Page. This page will appear when users will select to “Compare” properties. You already receive one Compare Page when you install the theme. You DON’T need to create a second one.
  7. Go to Admin -> Pages -> Compare Page -> Edit -> And select Sidebar Options.

    *The compare option appears on the Properties List page, under each property. Up to 4 Properties can be compared at one time.

  8. Contact Page. From Theme Options - Social & Contact you add a Contact Image, your contact info, your office location and office name (these last 2 display on Google Maps in the header). From Thme Options - Google Maps, you add your office lat & long coordinates. On this page you can also add your own text. This is a demo of the contact page: http://wpestatetheme.org/contact-page

The Company Social contact info, address, contact number is set from Theme Options - Social & Contact.

The Company PIN on the map and the Company address lat & long are set from Theme Options. See below screenshots:

7. IDX - this page has border green by default and applies only if you choose to install and run the third party plugin from http://wordpress.org/plugins/dsidxpress/

8. Properties List. With the Properties List template you can list all properties on one page, with pagination. On this page users can filter properties by Type and Category. You select the number of properties listed on one page in Admin – Theme Options - Appearance. This is a demo of this page: http://wpestatetheme.org/properties-list/

9. USER DASHBOARD (My Properties)- The page lists all properties submitted by an user (pending and approved). If you create this page then you also must create the next one.

10. USER DASHBOARD SUBMIT- This template is used for submitting new properties by your user. (front end submission form)

11. ZILLOW ESTIMATE - Create this page if you want to use the Zillow Estimate widget (see also widgets)

12. PAYMENT PROCESSOR - create a new page with this template if you want to enable payments thought PayPal

13. USER DASHBOARD FAVORITE - On this page users will list all the properties they've selected as favorite.

14. USER DASHBOARD PROFILE PAGE -. On this page users will edit their profile infe.

All links inside a page with border take the border color at mouse hover. Sidebar links have a separate color at hover. All buttons make an exception to this rule.

Here are 2 examples:

3.4 Borders - top

There are 5 border types available in WP Estate theme:

  1. ListingBorder (color green by default)
  2. BlogBorder (color purple by default)
  3. Agent Border (color blue by default)
  4. None Border (color white by default)
  5. No Border

The color for the first 3 borders can be changed from Admin - Appearance - Theme Options - Design (see manual chapter 6.4)

Border Position Rules:

  1. If no sidebar is selected, border displays on right.
  2. If sidebar right is selected, border displays on right.
  3. If sidebar left is selected, border displays on left.

Pages with Borders By Default

Certain pages and posts throughout the theme have one of the first 3 borders assigned by default and it can't be changed from Admin - Edit Page - Select Border Type, although this option displays in admin panel. Here's the list.

ListingBorder is assigned by default to: Properties List page, Property Individual Page, Compare Listings page, Advanced Search Results page, Property Taxonomies and Categories pages.

AgentBorder is assigned by default to: Individual Agent Page, Agent List Page, Agent Contact Form on Property Page, Contact Page.

BlogBorder is assigned by default to: Blog List, Blog Post.

Pages with custom Borders

When you create a Page with the default template you can specify what border type you want it to have from Admin - Edit Page - Select Border Type.


Column Shortcodes with custom Borders

When you play with WP Estate Shortcodes you can use column shortcodes as containers. Column Shortcodes have border options.

Next you can find the shortcode for the Recent Articles, in a full widht container shortcode with blogborder and title "Latest Articles":

Border in Front

3.5 Property Page- top


Border in Front

“Properties” is a custom post template that has a separate menu in Admin Panel. To add a new Property go to

The custom settings for Properties Posts are:

  1. Agent Responsible (select from drop down). You can select NO agent.
  2. County (text),
  3. State (text),
  4. ZIP (text),
  5. Country (text),
  6. Address (text). Don’t need to add city.
  7. Property Status (drop down list with 3 default options: normal, open house and sold). In version 1.6 Attributes are editable from Admin - Appearance - Customize Property Page (see chapter Theme Options).
  8. Agent Sale Pitch (text). This will show as Notes from the Agent on Front Page.

  9. d

  10. Google Maps and Google Maps position (Latitude, Longitude, Google view).
    Google Street View is optional. Only if you select it this option will be displayed on on the Property Page full width slider (demo link http://wpestatetheme.org/properties/6-acre-lake-property/)

    If enabled, you can change Google Street View Camera angle. Here's how you choose the numbers: d
  11. Price (numbers) *Don’t add commas. The theme adds them automatically! Currency is selected from Admin - Theme Options - General Settings.
  12. *Size (numbers) *Don’t add commas. The theme adds them automatically! * The measurement system is selected from Admin - Theme Options - General settings.
  13. *Lot Size (numbers) *Don’t add commas. The theme adds them automatically! * The measurement system is selected from Admin - Theme Options - General settings.
  14. *Rooms (number),
  15. *Bedrooms (number),
  16. *Bathrooms (number),
    *Starting v2.0 these elementsare default. They don't show on property page if you don't fill them in. The rest of the details are CUSTOM FIELDS which you can edit from Theme Options.

  17. OPTIONAL: Add Video ID (copy the Video ID from a Vimeo or YouTube video link and it will show in the full width slider) Demo url: http://wpestatetheme.org/properties/condo-240-w-98th-street/, third thumbnail in slider
  18. **Garages No (number),
  19. **Garage Size (number). The measurement system is selected from Admin - Theme Options - General settings.
  20. **Date Available (date). Select the date from the calendar that appears when you click on this panel. Use the right/left arrows next to Month to look for a date in the future/past.
  21. **Basement (text),
  22. **External Construction (text),
  23. **Roofing (text),
  24. **Year Built (number),

  25. **Starting v2.0 these elements are CUSTOM FIELDS which you can edit from Theme Options.
  26. Amenities and Features (Check List). There are 24 pre-defined amenities we added to this section.
    You can add/remove Amenities and features from Admin - Appearance - Customize Property Page (see chapter Theme Options) d
  27. Featured Status

  28. Images. How to add images to Property Page slider (full width and small)

  29. Starting with version 1.92 we added 2 type of image sliders for properties:

    A. FULL WIDTH (default)

    *For full width slider Images uploaded must be minimum 1600px wide! If you want to remove an image from the slider, delete it from the Media Gallery.

    B. SMALL SLIDER (shows under Property title, price and address).

    Watch this videoto see how you add and order images in the property page slider: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfI33p1T6yY

  30. Featured Image
  31. Upload and select a featured image from this menu. It will display on Properties List page, on Google Maps when selecting the pin for the listing and in all the shortcodes that include properties.

  32. Category, Action, City and Area
  33. d


Edit City Panel

From the CITY panel you add cities for your properties. You can add/edit/remove them from Admin - Properties - City. City will display next to Address, under Property Title and Price. These categories are links on the front end. If users click on them, they will show all properties from the same city.


DEMO urls: http://wpestatetheme.org/properties/6-acre-lake-property/ and http://wpestatetheme.org/property_city/new-york/

Area/Neighborhood Panel

From the Neighborhood panel you add Neighborhood / Area for your properties. You can add/edit/remove them from Admin - Properties - Neighborhood / Area. Neighborhood will display in Property Details, search and front end submission form.


NEW in v1.9.2 - ATTACH AREA TO A CITY and Advanced Search panel will show areas only for the city selected.



DEMO urls: http://wpestatetheme.org/properties/6-acre-lake-property/ and http://wpestatetheme.org/property_area/northern-brooklyn/


3.5.1 Related Posts and Listings - top

Related Listings on Property Page display the last 3 published listings from the same category.

Related Articles on Blog Post display the last 3 post with the same Tag.


3.6 Agents Custom Posts- top

“Agents” is a custom post template that has a separate menu in Admin Panel. To add a new Agent go to Agents -> Add New -> Add description in the main editor -> Fill In the Agent Settings -> Upload Featured Image-> Click Publish.

Custom Agent Page settings are:


  1. - Email (text) *At this email address the Agent will receive all the emails sent through the Contact Page available on his profile page. Demo url: http://wpestatetheme.org/agents/sophie-douglas/
  2. - Phone (number)
  3. - Mobile (number)
  4. - Skype (text)
  5. Map Settings: they replace the Google Maps that show by default in the header, under main menu. You can select different coordinates for Google Maps or you can upload an image that replaces Google Maps (should be at least 1600px width, no height limit imposed)

3.7 Turn Users to Agents (v 2.03) - top

This option applies for NEW users registered after you update to 2.03 version.

New registered users/agents will show under Agents:


3.8 Map Custom Settings - top

The custom Map Settings replace the Google Maps that show by default in the header, under main menu. You can select different coordinates for Google Maps or you can upload an image that replaces Google Maps (should be at least 1600px width, no height limit imposed)

You can apply this feature on Homepage as well.

This feature doesn't apply on

3.9. Save Favorites - top

If you want users to be able to login, and just save favorites (not submit properties), follow these steps.

If you import demo, make sure you remove the pages "My Properties List" and "Add New Property". Then make sure you have all the below settings:


3.10 Custom Headers *v2.05 - top

4. Shortcodes - top

4.1 Buttons - top

WP Estate features 4 button shortcodes: blue, purple, green and white. You can use them in any WP Estate page. The button colors match the theme’s default colors. To insert a button click on the image (button) available in the WordPress Editor and edit the link and text that appear on the button.

Shortcode example for purple button:

See them in action.

4.2 Columns - top

WP Estate supports 6 column shortcodes that you can use in different combinations to create a full width container. These shortcodes are accesible from the WordPress editor:

Icons For Column Shortcodes:

  1. i - 1/2 Column
  2. a - 1/3 Column
  3. a - 2/3 Column
  4. d - 1/4 Column
  5. - 3/4 Column
  6. d - Full Width Container

Important: Confirm the order of the columns from the position input. It's important to write position="first" for the first column and position="last" for the last column. If you have other columns between the first and last, leave blank where you're asked for position.

This is an image of the 1/2 column + 1/2 column shortcodes in admin:


After you decide on the column layout of your page or post, you can add all type of content into them, such as videos, images, sliders, text or any other custom shortcode available in the editor menu. Please note that titles are optional.

We offer you the option to choose between 4 different borders for each column shortcode. Default colors for each border are: agent border (blue), blog border (purple), listing border (green), transparent border (none) and no border at all (leave blank).**

**You can change the default colors of each border from from Theme Options - Design.

See them in action.

4.3 Google Maps (removed starting v 2.05) - top

4.4 Icon Content Box - top

Icon Content Box features an image that displays in its original size, title, text and a ‘read more’ link. You can also choose to set a bottom dotted border to match the general design (optional). You'll recognize it by this icon .d

Here's an example of the shortcode with column shortcode as container:

See it in action.

4.5 Recent Items - UPDATED 2.03- top

With the Recent Items shortcode you can list the latest articles and the latest properties published on the website.

You can filter items also by category(s) ID , Action(s) ID, City(ies) ID or Area(s) ID.

In the shortcode you can specify the number of articles/listings to show: 1, 2, 3, 4 & the number of rows This shortcode should be used in combination with a column container, to which you can specify the border type and title. You'll recognize it by this icon –d

Here's an example of the shortcode with column shortcode as container:

See it in action.

A new shortcode available with v1.7 is Recent Items with filters by ID - d

4.6 Slider - top

This shortcode is supported by FlexSlider, a third party plugin. FlexSlider is a fully responsive jQuery slider plugin that adapts on all screen resolutions and it’s built for swipe events on touch devices. You can recognize it by this icon c

FlexSlider Slider Shortcode supports images or Vimeo/YouTube Videos. You create this slider with your own content.

For images you must add the image URL, which you can also copy from Media Library, after you upload it. For Videos you must use the Vimeo or YouTube shortcodes available also in the WordPress editor.

You can choose the Slider size in the shortcode as percentage or px.

Here's an example of the shortcode with column shortcode as container:

See it in action.

4.7 Table - top

You'll recognize the table shortcode in the WordPress Editor by this icon d.

The table has 4 columns and 6 rows by default, but you can change these numbers from the editor. The shortocode is developed so that you can customize the table header background color and text color. To do that, simply replace the default colors listed.

Here's an example of the shortcode as text:

See it in action.

4.8 Tabs - top

Tab shortcode is visual in the WordPress Editor menu. You can recognize it by this icon d.

Edit the tab elements and each tab content. !!!!Use this shortcode in a column shortcode container.

Tab Shortcode can be edited to support as many tabs as you want to. You may also add column shortcodes in the tabs.

Here's an example of the shortcode with column shortcode as container:

See it in action.

4.9 Lists - top

WP Estate features 10 list types, each type with a different icon. To add a List click on the d image in the WordPress editor. Add the list title and the list elements. You can add as many elements as you want to. Choose the list type and click save.

The shortcodes can be used in column containers (optional).

Here's an example of the shortcode:

See it in action.

4.10 Tagline - top

To add a Tagline click on the d image in the WordPress editor and edit its contents.

There are 2 Tagline shortcodes available in WP Estate. For each type you can add Title, a second line and a link for the second line. Type 2 allows you to add an image on the left.

When creating a page we recommend to use a column shortcode as container for taglines.

Here's an example of the shortcode with column shortcode as container:

See it in action.

4.11 Testimonials - top

To add a testimonial click on the d image in the WordPress editor.

Testimonials shortcode has two types: vertical and horizontal. You specify the type in the shortcode.

For each testimonial you can add a link to a profile image (size 120 x 120 px), name, a description and text. Use column shortcodes as containers to add the colored border and the dotted bottom line that match the website design.

Here's an example of the shortcode with column shortcode as container:

See it in action.

4.12 Toggle & Accordion - top

To add a toogle click on the d image in the WordPress editor. To add an accordion click on the d image in the WordPress editor. Accordion shortcode is a list of toggle shortocodes.

Toggle and Accordion shortcodes come in 5 colors: white, purple, blue, black and green. You specify the color in the shortcode. These shortcodes can be also used in Text Widgets on the sidebar.

Here's an example of these shortcodes:

See it in action.

4.13 Typography - top

All WP Estate typography shortcodes are visual in the WordPress Editor menu.

You can do the following:

  1. Highlight important parts of the text with the Highlight Shortcode(image d) available in three colors: yellow, red and grey.
  2. Quote other websites/authors with the 'Blockquote' option which has a design that matches the general layout.
  3. Use the Drop Cap shortcode (image d) from the WordPress content editor menu, available in two different layout types, when you want to create the highlight effect for the first letters at the beginning of new paragraphs
  4. Headings make longer pieces of writing easier to write and easier to read. In the WordPress content editor you can play with 6 different types of headings, all editable from the drop-down list that starts with "Paragraph". The headings match the general spacing of the website design.

Here's a copy of content with these shortcodes created for the Typography page in demo:

See it in action.

4.14 Video - top

To add a Vimeo Video use the d image in the WordPress editor. To add a YouTube Video use the d image in the WordPress editor.

In this shortcode you’ll be asked for the VIDEO ID which you can copy/paste from the VIDEO URL you want to add to pages.

You can also set the size of the player from the shortcode structure. Simply replace the numbers given by default.

If you want to add a border to the player, use a column shortcode as container.

Here's an example of the shortcode with column shortcode as container:

See it in action.

4.15 Featured Article - top

Use the d image in the WordPress editor to add a Featured Article in any page. WP Estate features two shortcode types for Featured Articles.

Type 1 displays vertically and includes: article name, featured image, the first lines of text from the post, the read more button and a second title line of your choice (you type that manually in the shortcode).

Type 2 displays horizontally. Title is taken from the container.

The colored border is taken from the Column shortcode, as you select it to be. The border displays on the right or on the left, depending on how you position the sidebar.

The ARTICLE ID is taken from the URL of the post page in Admin - Posts - Edit Posts .

EX: In this URL http://wpestatetheme.org/wp-admin/post.php?post=90&action=edit the ARTICLE ID is 90.

Here's an example of the shortcode with column shortcode as container:

See it in action.

Use the d image in the WordPress editor to add a Featured Property in any page. Use a column shortcode as container to add to this shortcode a colored border and the dotted line at the bottom. The border displays on the right or on the left, depending on how you position the sidebar.

The PROPERTY ID is taken from the URL of the Property Page in Admin - Properties - Edit Property .

EX: In this URL http://wpestatetheme.org/wp-admin/post.php?post=90&action=edit the Property ID is 90.

Here's an example of the shortcode with column shortcode as container:

See it in action.

Use the d image in the WordPress editor to add a Featured Agent in any page. You can use this shortcode to present featured agents, with contact information and a link to all listings assigned to their names.

Use a column shortcode as container to add to this shortcode a colored border and the dotted line at the bottom. The border displays on the right or on the left, depending on how you position the sidebar.

The AGENT ID is taken from the URL of the Agent Page in Admin - Agents - Edit Agent .

EX: In this URL http://wpestatetheme.org/wp-admin/post.php?post=90&action=edit the Agent ID is 90.

Here's an example of the shortcode with column shortcode as container:

See it in action.

4.18 Spacer - top

If you want to add more space between elements in a page you can use the Space shortcode (image d ) in the WordPress editor.

4.19 Advanced Search - top

With this widget all the important social accounts where you're active can be shown on sidebar or in the footer. You can add information about the following URLs: RSS, Facebook, Twitter, Dribble, Google+, Linkedin, Blogger, Tumblr, Pinterest, Yahoo, Deviantart, YouTube or Vimeo.


See it in action.

5.2 WP Estate Contact - top

WP Estate Contact widget allows you to share important information your readers need to know so they get in touch easily, such as: Address, Phone, Fax, Email, Skype ID and Web Page URL.


See it in action.

In this widget you have to type the Property ID you’d like to show and a second line. The Property ID is taken from the URL of the Property Page in Admin - Agents - Edit Property.

EX: In this URL http://wpestatetheme.org/wp-admin/post.php?post=90&action=edit the property ID is 90.


See it in action.

5.4. WP Estate Facebook Box - top

The WP Estate Facebook widget shows fans, stream and the Facebook header of your page, without having to look for any other detail elsewhere. You add your Facebook URL in the widget, click save and it's done!


See it in action.

5.5. WP Estate Mortgage - top

The mortgage calculator is created by us following the an example used in real estate.


See it in action.

5.6. WP Estate Twitter Widget - top

Letting your readers know what you've been doing on Twitter is very important, especially when they can be turned into new followers and, why not, also future clients. This widget is easy to use and extremely helpful at the same time.

Because of the upgrade to Twitter API v1.1, this widget requires that you FIRST insert your personal Twitter account info. You do this from Admin - Appearance - Theme Options - Social & Contact. Take this info from https://dev.twitter.com/apps/new. Login and follow instructions.


Then you can go to Widgets and add it to the sidebar. You can specify the Twitter ID and the no of tweets you’d like to show.


See it in action.

5.7. WP Estate Flickr Box - top

In this widget you must type your flickr username and choose the number of images you'd like to display.


From Admin - Appearance - Widgets you can populate the footer 4 column widgets that are included in the default theme set-up. To add content to each column use drag and drop.

See it in action.

5.9. Advanced Search Widget - starting with V1.7 - top

The widget works same as Advanced Search in Google Maps (has the same fields).

. Results are filtered and show on the Advance Search custom template.

5.10. Zillow Widget - starting with V1.7 - top

The widget works based on Zillow API. Results are returned from Zillow.

Go to this URL to take you Zillow API Key - https://www.zillow.com/webservice/Registration.htm

The Zillow results page is created from Admin - Pages - New Page - Template - Zillow - Save

Zillow requires an API key which you insert in Admin - Appearance - Zillow API Key

5.11. Login Widget - starting with V1.913 - top

6. Theme Options - top

6.1 General Settings 2.0- top

Theme Options Panel is available in Admin - Appearance. From the Theme Options - General Settings you can change the following:

  1. Header LOGO and Footer LOGO. Simply upload the new images and click “Insert Into Post”. For header logo we recommend a 28px HEIGHT image. For footer logo we recommend a 17 PX height image.
  2. Favicon (you can use png or .ico).
  3. Google Analytics Tracking ID (resource http://www.google.com/analytics/)
  4. Type the currency symbol that will apply to all the property prices. You can type any currency.
  5. Select where to show the currency symbol (before or after the price).
  6. Select the measurement unit (square feet or square meters). This will display on Property Page for the settings that require measurement info.
  7. Click on the 'SAVE CHANGES' button when you're done.


8. Enable Top Bar for Front Submission Menu

9. Front End Submit (login page URL) (links shows automatically in header)

10. Register page URL (links shows automatically in header)


6.2 Social & Contact - top

From this menu you add the content that displays on the Contact Page template and the links to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus in header (on the left of the main menu):

Click Save when you’re done editing.

6.3 Appearance - top

New in v2.05 - Font Subsets, Header Types and Logo Margin Top

6.4 Google Maps Settings - top

6.5. User Submission top

1. Login and Register pages.

Enable this settings for people to receive emails at registration.

Create a page for register.

Create a page for login.

Add these links in Theme Options and they will show automatically in header - User Menu (if enabled)

2. User Dashboard Pages (My Profile, My Properties, Add Property, My Favorites) top

Create MY PROFILE page.


(* if you don't want to offer this option to users, don't create this page)

These are the options in User Submission Form:


(* if you don't want to offer this option to users, don't create this page)

Create MY FAVORITES page.

3. Front End Submission - FREE LISTINGS top

Edit theme options

3. Front End Submission - PAID LISTINGS- top


User pays for a listing and for a listing to be featured from MY PROPERTIES page, after he submits the property.


4. Front End Submission - Membership Packages with Recurring Option- top

Decide from the beginning if you want to have PAID submission or Membership Packages. Changing options on the way, after your users have already registered and sent listings is not recommened as remaining statistics don't count listings added before the switch.

Consider also the following:

- FREE MEMBERSHIP free listings included and free featured listings included in the default package (assigned at registration) - never expire.

- A Membership package includes: Name, payment cycle (day, week, month or year), payment cycle value (x days, x weeks and so on), listings included, featured listings included (deduct from total listings), package price and option to display package or not.

- Users see all packages in My Profile and can select to upgrade/downgrade package from the same page.

- Deleted listings deduct from package listings. User package will always consider deleted listings when counting package remaining listings.

- Users can choose to have a package recurring (the payment repeats every x day/week/month/year, as you've set for the package).

- If user's package expires because he didn't renew or he doesn't have money in account, the package returns to FREE MEMBERSHIP by default. All his listings will have status EXPIRED (expired won't show in listings). If user decided to renew package, he can re-submit listings for approval. He'll be able to re-submit only the number of listings allowed by his package.

Set free membership rules. These listings don't expire.


Add Packages



This is what user sees in his dashboard


User is notified on the day his package expires that his membership is no longer active. Properties will be reset to status EXPIRED. They will not show on front end. But user can upgrade and resubmit expired listings for approval, which will continue to exists in user dashboard and in the theme database.


5. PayPal set-up top


First, create this page with this custom page template.


First, login to create a PayPal Application at this URL https://developer.paypal.com/webapps/developer/applications/myapps.

Create the APP, add the PayPal Processor URL LINK from the theme.

Then copy the Client ID and Secret Key provided in Admin - Theme Options - Membership Settings.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jHBKwzYHMs&index=3&list=PLEQZUYyA_PUlBRtzGjGaFg-ohs5aAb76F




Then create the second API.

FOR LIVE API - follow below steps at https://www.paypal.com/

FOR SANDBOX API - follow below steps at http://sandbox.paypal.com/

Make sure you have a BUSINESS account.








The information provided by PayPal must be added inTheme Options - Membership Settings as shown below:



6. Stripe set-up top


First, create and activate your STRIPE account at - https://stripe.com/

Then create a page with this custom template:



Use Live Credentials for LIVE payments. And TEST credentials for SANDBOX payments

For sandbox tests use Credit Card number: 4242 4242 4242 4242, any date in future, any CVS.


Copy Stripe Credentials in Admin - Membership and Settings.


FOR STRIPE and MEMBERSHIP activated you need to do below settings:




6.6 Design - top

From Theme Options - Design panel you can change the default colors of the theme. Pick a color from the picker or insert a hex or rgb number and the color will automatically be implemented through all the website pages. You can take color codes from sites like http://kuler.adobe.com/.To change colors you must set USE CUSTOM COLORS to YES. To return to the default colors, change this setting to NO and click save.

  1. Background Color applies to the sidebar background color.
  2. Content Background Color applies to the main content background area.
  3. Header Background Color applies to the website header, where the main menu is.
  4. Breadcrumbs Background Color applies to the area where breadcrumbs are listed (the information that shows on what page you’re own)
  5. Breadcrumbs Font Color applies to breadcrumbs text color.
  6. Font Color applies to the text color (default).
  7. Link Color applies to all links in text.
  8. Headings Color applies to all headings styles (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6).
  9. Comment Font Color applies to the text in the Leave A Reply form, Testimonial shortcode text, featured property second line text, featured agent text, agent list text color, agent page text color, property page - agent info text color
  10. Comment Area Back Color / Agent area Color applies to the background color of the Leave a Reply form, the Testimonial Shortcode background, featured article background, featured agent background, featured property background, agent list page background, agent page background color, property page agent info and agent contact background, contact page backrground color
  11. Footer Background Color applies to the footer background area.
  12. Footer Font Color applies to the footer text area where the 4 Footer Widgets list.
  13. Footer Copyright Color applies to the text you type in the Copyright area.
  14. Sidebar Widget Color( for calculator, search and featured listing) applies to the background color of these widgets.
  15. Top Menu Font Color applies to the Main Menu text.
  16. Top Menu hover back color applies to the second level and third level menus.
  17. Top Menu hover font color applies to  the second level and third level menus.
  18. Agent Content Border Color applies to agentborder color in column shortcodes, contact page border, the agent list page border color and the agent page border color.
  19. Listings Content Border Color applies to the listingsborder color in column shortcodes, the properties list page,  property page, advanced search results page border and compare page border.
  20. Blog Content Border Color applies to the blogborder color in column shortcodes, the blog list and blog page.
  21. Dotted line Color is the color of the dotted line part of the column shortcodes, icon content box shortcode and dotted line that it’s part of the general design.
  22. Sidebar Second font color applies to the font color of the text in sidebar that shows directly on the sidebar background.

NEW Colors controls are added in V1.7


6.7 Pins Management & Icons Management- top

If you edit/add to default categories and actions, you'll need to upload new Pins and Icons.


IMPORTANT: ALWAYS LET WORDPRESS CREATE THE SLUG (title and slugs must always match).

This applies for CATEGORIES, ACTIONS, CITIES and AREAS you create.


New added Property Actions and Categories are automatically added in Pin Management and Icon list. You must add a new icon/pin for each new category/action and action+category. Default pins and icons are located in demo_content folder.

STEP 1: Add/Edit Actions.


STEP 2: Add/Edit Categories


Actions/Categories icons and Pins show on the map when they are attached to at least 1 Property.

If you edit a default category or action that is already in the default theme, then make sure:

- 1. to edit Action/Category name

- 2. to edit Action/Category slug

- 3. to add new Pin/Icon from Pins and Icons management

This is the pin & icon managemenet panel available starting v1.7.
From the Same Panel you can change the Pin for Geolocation (if enabled) and the pin for the dsIDXpress properties (if you purchase and install this plugin separately).




Advanced Pin Management for the green pin that shows next to titles on Property Page

If you edit default actions, if you add new actions of if you add no action at all, you will see this green pin next to title on Property page.


The source of this image is css/css-images/salespin.png You can change the source pin altogether with a new one, via FTP.

Of, if you want to add a different pin for a new action, you can follow these steps:

- create a new image and save it in CSS/CSS-IMAGES with name newactionpin.png (Example: for action Lease, the new pin name should be leasepin.png)

- Next add these new classes in style.css

height: 60px;
background-image: url('css/css-images/rentalspin.png');
background-position: 0px 0px;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
margin-top: 39px;

.newactionpin {
background-position: 20px 0px;

6.8 Property Custom Fields- top


6.9 Advanced Search Editable Fields- top

ATTENTION! Labels text must NOT include "." (EX: MAX PRICE or MAXIM PRICE, not MAX. PRICE)


6.10 Listings Features and Amenities. Listings Labels- top

The following Property Page settings are editable from Admin - Appearance - Customize Property Page:

Features and Amenities. Add new features, separated by comma. Edit, Delete or Add new features from the text editor. d

Property page structure labels (Titles) Property status (like open house or sold).You can add or remove statuses from this panel. (Titles)

When you add a new status, you may require to add custom css for it, so that you can arrange text and choose background color. Custom CSS panel is in Theme Options - Design.

For example: you add status 'Free Now'. This is the css code that you must as as well:

   .ribbon-wrapper-Free-Now {
      background-color: #0c7a45;
   .Free-Now {
DEMO CSS for the imported property status is:
 .ribbon-wrapper-under-offer { 
 background-color: #c0392b; 
 .under-offer { 
 .ribbon-wrapper-open-home { 
 background-color: #2c3e50; 
 .ribbon-wrapper-hot-offer { 
 background-color: #e74c3c; 
 background-color: #2c3e50; 

6.11. Enable Facebook Login - top

For Facebook Login, you first need to create the Facebook APP. Follow these steps.

Login with Facebook - And go to APPs - ADD new APP.




Next to go Theme Options - Contact & Social and fill in the APP details:


Enable Social Login from Theme Options - Social & Contact.


6.11. Enable Google Login - top

With recent updates, Google Login requires you create an APP.

Follow these steps:

Login with your google account at https://console.developers.google.com

A. Create a project


B. Go to APIs and Auth




D. Create new Key

> d d d d


E. Copy Details to Theme Options - Social & Contact


7. WP Estate Advanced Search Options - top

STARTING WITH v1.92 Advanced Search header google maps shows only the listings in search. Same applies for listings by City, Area, Category or Type (pages created by WordPress).

IMPORTANT. For search to work, custom taxonomies CITY, AREA, CATEGORY and ACTION must have title and slug match. Let WordPress create the slug for the new categories you add.



1. Google Maps Search




2. Search by City

Users can link to City on a Property Page and get access to all properties that are in that city. You can also use this link and add it in any page/sidebar of your site.


3. Search by Property Type

Properties default categories have direct link to them on Front End (this is an example http://wpestatetheme.org/property_category/apartments/). You can use these links in any page/sidebar of your site.

4. Search by Neighborhood Area

Properties Neighbourhood/Area categories have direct link them on Front End (this is an example http://wpestatetheme.org/property_area/west-side/). You can use these links in any page/sidebar of your site.


5. Properties List and Taxonomy AJAX Search

When landing on the Properties List page http://wpestatetheme.org/properties-list/) users can filter listings by Rent/Sale and by the default category types. By default all check boxes are on.


7. Advanced Search Widget

There is a search system integrated in the Google Maps by default. And there is the Search Widget can be added to sidebars and footer sidebars. Results return from the entire website. The fields are the same all over the website.



8. Translation - top

You can translate WP ESTATE WordPress theme in any language with POEdit. To use this module follow these steps:

Download and install POEdit.


This is where you will find the languages available based on the language code you translated – http://wpcentral.io/internationalization/ . Select your language that matches the .po name and that should be all.



There are several items that you MUST TRANSLATE from Theme OptionS:

a. For Property Details, Property Features, Property Address – these labels are managed from Admin – Theme Options – Listing labels. Please see this help http://help.wpestatetheme.org/#editsettings

b. For Property Features & Amenities – please go and edit them in Admin – Theme Options – Listing Custom Fields http://help.wpestatetheme.org/#editsettings

c. For Property Fields – custom fields – please go to Listing Custom Fields – http://help.wpestatetheme.org/#customfields

NOTE: Some default properties fields are managed from POEDIT (Address fields, Bedrooms, Rooms, Bathrooms, Size, Property Size). The rest are managed from admin.

d. For Advanced Search labels – custom fields, managed from Options – Advanced Search http://help.wpestatetheme.org/#advsearchfields

Note 1: If you don’t have custom advanced search enabled, all fields are translated in POEDIT.

Note 2: Dropdowns (All Cities, All Areas, All Types, All Listings – are managed only from POEDIT).


9. dsIDXpress WordPress Plugin compatibility for IDX/MLS listings - top

For our clients who want to use IDX/MLS listings, we added the compatibility with the http://wordpress.org/plugins/dsidxpress/ plugin. This plugin must be installed separately and it requires and account to be used.

WP Estate shows IDX listings on the header Google Maps when you use IDX widgets on the sidebar.


Documentation links: http://wordpress.org/plugins/dsidxpress/ and http://www.dsidxpress.com/

10. Revolution Slider - third party plugin ($15 value) - top

We've included the awesome Revolution Slider in this Theme. For more information about how the plugin works, we've also included the documentation from the original author (see folder RevolutionSlider) or click here http://themepunch.com/codecanyon/revolution_wp/documentation/

Revolution Slider 5.0 documentation - http://www.themepunch.com/revslider-doc/slider-revolution-documentation/

11. Booking Module (new in 3.0) - top

For this new update we have created full video tutorials. You can watch them all here - https://www.youtube.com/

Admin Settings top

Make sure you the the option to save registered users and agents YES. After install save this setting again.


Go to GENERAL SETTINGS and enable rental module.


From APPEARANCE select Advanced Search TYPE 5 (will show like on demo).


From Membership and Settings you control PAYMENT details: Choose if you wish to use PayPal, or Stripe. Choose the percentage fee for booking confirmation. Leave 0 for booking fee if you don't wish to have that.


Create the necessary pages for the User Dashboard. See list below. .





Create this page to have Search Results for booking properties - synced with Advanced Search type 5:


Bookings page in admin lists all bookings made. You should use this just to view and monitor bookings. All approvals, rejections and bookings must be made in front end. If you are offering your own properties, create an account in front end to manage bookings.


Messages page in admin lists allmessages sent through the system.

You should use this just to view and monitor messages.

If you wish to send a message to an user, you must register your own user account in front end.


Front End Settings - Property Owner top

Owner must be registered. So first he must Login / Register.



Owner must submit his property. Admin can enable PAID LISTING or MEMBERSHIP LISTING for submissions.


Owner manages Bookings made and Invoices from BOOKINGS page in user dashboard.




Owner sees the messages he receives via INBOX page from User Dashboard. From this page he can delete or reply. Replies are not saved.


Front End Settings - User Renting properties top

Property Page shows the availability calendar (to all users). Only registered users can make bookings and send messages to owners.


The booking form doesn't let users submit requests for dates already booked.



The message system shows agent/user info incomplete if the booking is not confirmed.


User made reservations are listed in User Dashboard, my Reservations.



Bookings confirmed can't be deleted or edited.


The INBOX page will show for all users. Messages are sent between registered users only.




(*this plugin is not included, but it's compatible with our theme)

WPML is a third party plugin. You can use this to create a multi-language website. The theme has been tested by WPML officially. These are instructions meant to help you set-up the plugins needed and translate the theme. The plugins may have extra settings. We kindly ask you to contact them for further support - http://wpml.org/forums/forum/english-support/

Link to WPML public test site for that theme: http://theme-testing.wpml.org/wpestate/

What is needed to run these two softwares

WPML Multilingual CMS – http://wpml.org/purchase/


WPML Media

WPML String Translation

WPML Translation Management

Getting started section: Installing & activating both WPML & the theme / plugin

How to set and translate main features of the theme / plugin:

Screenshots from theme:


How to translate custom Taxonomies


Check that slugs match titles:


Edit and make sure titles match slugs if they don't from Edit Category


How to add property Google Maps Pins to all languages


How to Set-up WPML media so your images are translated when you'll start translating properties


How to translate custom fields you add in Theme Options - Property Details, Property labels in Advanced Search, Property Fields Labels, Property Features and Amenities

For this you'll use STRING TRANSLATION plugin. See below WPML references

Screenshots from theme




How to Translate a property with WPML, after you have done the above steps





How to Translate a blog post


How to Translate a page




How to Translate Widgets

The only widget that needs translation is Featured Property widget since WPML creates a unique ID for translations. For this widget we recommend to use WPML Widget plugin to display the Featured Property widget based on the property ID in each translation. The rest Widgets text translate with POEDIT for each language as those are default texts.

Contact Widget details are translated from String Translation.

WPML language switcher settings



  • Version WP Residence 3.03 and above,
  • WPML version WPML Translation Management 1.9.6 and above,
  • WPML String Translation and above,
  • WPML Multilingual CMS and above,
  • WPML Media 2.1.6 and above.

    H) Change Log - top


    WP ESTATE v3.03 - August 24 - WP 4.3 Compatibility

    WP ESTATE v3.02 - June 15

    This update follows the instructions from Envato for prettyPhoto XSS fix

    Updated pretty photo to version 3.1.6.

    Update Revolution Slider to 4.6.93

    WP ESTATE v3.01 - April 27

    This update follows the instructions from Envato to prevent Security Vulnerability for WordPress themes -http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/security-vulnerability-affecting-wordpress-plugins-and-themes/173011

    Files updated:

    WP ESTATE v3.0 - updated for 4.2 Wordpress Compatibility , April 24

    - get_avatar_url() replaced with wpestate_get_avatar_url() in 
    bloglisting.php line 18
    bloglisting_search.php line 15 
    functions.php line 606 
    shortcodes.php line 671 and 738
    single.php line 59
    - Sidebar plugin update included in the theme to be compatible with 4.2 requirements. Change made is below:
    added 'id'=>sanitize_title($sidebar), at line 60
    IMPORTANT NOTE:This is a third party plugin, but we had to make it compatible with WordPress 4.2 standards. Because of that - all custom sidebars added before this update in SIDEBARS - ADD NEW - will need to be populated with WIDGETS again from Appearance - Widgets. Then all pages with custom sidebars will have to be saved again. 
    - Rev Slider update to 4.6.9
    NOTE: export your revolutions sliders before you update. For some clients - the update deleted their SLIDERS. 
    - map-search-form.php 

    WP ESTATE v3.0 - released on September 25, 2014:

    • NEW: Booking Rental Module (once activated, the following new features will be available)
      • Availability calendar on all properties
      • Advanced Search custom for booking module (auto-complete for City and Area, dropdown for number of guests, check-in and check-out fields)
      • Set price by day, week or month. All invoices will calculate the costs based on the value of 1 booking day.
      • Number of guests for all properties
      • City Fee and Cleaning fee for all properties
      • Booking form on all properties (date from, date to - but only for aavailable dates, number of guests, comments, and invoice listing of total costs)
      • Booking form and Message system are available only for registered users
      • Message contact system for registered users with INBOX system in user dashboard
      • Bookings, My Reservations, My Inbox (new pages in User Dashboard)
      • Restrict access to Property Owner info unless booking is confirmed
      • Booking confirmation requires owner approval and (if admin asks for a fee), the fee payment.
      • Booking fee payment to ADMIN can be done via STRIPE or PayPal
      • Owner can edit the invoice before he sends it to user who has asked for a booking
      • Owner can delete, edit an invoice before invoice is paid (but not after)
      • Owner can reject a booking (but only before booking fee payment fee is processed).
      • Owner can view all approved bookings via his user dashboard page
      • Owner can add manual booking in order to block certain dates from property calendar
      • Owner receives email notification when: property is published, booking is received, booking is deleted by user, invoice is paid by user, a new message is received via INBOX
      • Owner can confirm a booking without payment fee, if admin sets admin fee to 0.
      • User can see the invoice generated (with details) in RESERVATIONS page
      • User can send messages from property page to owner at any time. Replies are received in INBOX page
      • User can delete a booking after it was sent to owner, but only before booking is confirmed.
      • User CAN'T make bookings for dates already booked.
      • User can pay booking fee with Credit Card (via Stripe) or with PayPal.
      • User receives email notification when: his booking is confirm, his booking is rejected, a new invoice was generated, a booking was confirmed, a new message was received in INBOX page.
    • NEW: STRIPE merchant for Paid Listings and for Membership Packages
    • NEW: On/off control for Stripe and Paypal merchants in Theme Options
    • NEW: Assign property to user from admin - edit property
    • EDIT: Advanced search results shows all results in title.
    • FIX: Advanced search type 4 must be clicked twice to close
    • FIX: Advanced Search custom labels for non latin characters
    • FIX: IE click on thumb redirecting to page not found
    • FIX: Meters translation resets measurement system to ft in shortcodes and property page.
    • FIX: User profile image doesn't show in user dashboard after page refresh.


    WP ESTATE v2.05 - released on June 18 2014:

    • NEW: 4 Header Styles (different positions for logo, menu and social icons)
    • NEW: Margin Top control for header logon
    • NEW: Font Subsets control (for cyrilic and other subsets available)
    • NEW: Added icons for bedrooms, bathrooms, size in property uni (properties list and properties shortcode)
    • NEW: Left Widget Area in User Menu
    • NEW: Pagination for Advanced Search results, My Properties (dashboard), My Listings (Agent Post)
    • NEW: Font Awesome shortcode
    • NEW: WPML functions for custom fields
    • NEW: Tags for properties (can be used in tag cloud)
    • NEW: Pin effect on google maps
    • EDIT: Google Login requires you create an APP (new changes from Google)
    • EDIT: Removed Google Maps shortcode (latest Google Maps API works only if you use the embed code from Google Maps directly)
    • EDIT: Update Rev Slider to latest version
    • EDIT: Social Icons updated to larger size
    • EDIT: Slider max height changed to 590px (for large resolutions)
    • EDIT: CSS for images in full slider (ideal size 1600 * 590)
    • EDIT: added Address label for Address in property page
    • EDIT: removed Listing ID because assigned by WordPress because it could not be used in Custom Search.
    • EDIT: removed noreply@wpestate.org from email sent header
    • EDIT: added link on thumb for properties list in responsive
    • EDIT: Google Maps in Admin Property panel to show only the last pin clicked on the map
    • EDIT: ON/OFF for Agent Post title in admin
    • EDIT: POEDIT updates for missing terms
    • FIX: added after label for Recent Listings shortcode
    • FIX: allowed non latin characters in advanced search custom fields labels
    • FIX: advanced search type 1 not show categories and actions with no properties
    • FIX: breadcrumbs text for search page
    • FIX: HTML validation errors
    • FIX: floating bar start point
    • FIX: small slider option not saving when submitting property
    • FIX: Rev Slider on contact page
    • FIX: missing shortcode images in editor
    • FIX: CSS updates
    • FIX: removed sticky header on resolutions below 1024 (loading too abruptly)
    • FIX: Select featured image in EDIT not working - front end submission


    WP ESTATE v2.04 - released on March 7 2014:

    • NEW: Sticky Header.
    • NEW: User Submission Form - user can uploaded multiple images at one time.
    • NEW: User Submission Form - user can select which of the images is featured.
    • EDIT: User Submission Form -Google Maps (added more map options and replaced the pin to map behavior)
    • NEW: Mobile Menu changed
    • EDIT: Registration - don't allow username withblank spaces
    • EDIT: Generate smaller thumbs for recents items shortocode (improve website loading time of slower internet connections)
    • EDIT: Page not found (remove map in header)
    • EDIT: new POEDIT terms.
    • EDIT: Property Header Slider images alignment for big screen resolutions
    • FIX: Sanitize Title for slugs in latin characters with diacritics
    • FIX: Membership - packages with 0 listings made properties featured automatically
    • FIX: Property Title when going with the mouse over the pin on the Google Maps.

    WP Estate 2.03 - realeased on January 29 2014

    • NEW: Membership & Packages option: Turns registered users into agents automatically (with on/off control)
    • NEW: Recent Listings shortcodes includes Action, City and Area (you can now create unlimited combinations of listings)
    • NEW: Pretty Photo gallery on Property Page (for Small and Full width slider)
    • UPDATED: Full search support for non-latin characters (tested with hebrew, greek, chinese, cyrilic).
    • UPDATED: Tweet This for blog posts
    • UPDATED: POEDIT terms
    • UPDATED: made phone number and email clickable for agent page list andagent shortcode
    • UPDATED: all input forms
    • FIX: Live PayPal API update for recurring payments
    • FIX: Recent Items listings showing incorrect city
    • FIX: Pagination for Properties List template, when chosen as homepage.

    WP Estate 2.02 - realeased on January 1 2014

    • NEW: Advanced Search shortcode
    • NEW: Option "None" in Custom Advanced Search (if you want to add less than 8 spots)
    • NEW: Allow users to save favorites and not submit properties
    • EDIT: Revolution Slider updated to latest version
    • EDIT: Front End Submission, calendar type fields show calendar
    • FIX: Property page in WP-ADMIN, some boxes were not aligned with WordPress 3.8 update
    • FIX:: Properties Approved automatically not showing in lists without being edited in wp-admin
    • FIX: Advanced Search design on internal pages with image in header
    • FIX: paraghraph spaces added in front end submission - description not being saved

    WP Estate 2.01 - realeased on December 2 2013

    • Contact Page - added fax number EDIT
    • Updated the order of properties in Recent Items shortcode, Properties List and taxonomy list: Featured are always first, next come properties by publish date (recent first)
    • PayPal Currencies - added RUB as currency EDIT
    • New Property custom fields update in Compare page as well FIX
    • Remove Price Mandatory from submit form - EDIT
    • Confirmed support for the YOAST WordPress SEO plugin NEW
    • Show default fields in Advanced Search Mobile - when custom fields are set to NO - EDIT
    • Small updates to PO file EDIT
    • Modified the order of images in the small slider (featured is first if no video is added) EDIT

    WP Estate 2.0 - realeased on Novemver 18 2013

    NOTICE: After upgrade theme files to 2.0 version go to Themes panel in WP-ADMIN, de-activate and activate the theme again.

    • NEW: Theme Options have been unified in one panel, with an improved design. Settings have been added (not removed).
    • NEW: Custom Fields management panel. Most of theme's default property settings are now editable. You can also add new Property Settings.
    • NEW: Advanced Search management panel, with editable fields. There are 8 spots you can edit with any custom fields and default property settings.
    • NEW: Google Maps clusterer. The option can be turned off from Theme Options. You can also select at what Google Maps zoom level you activate the clusterer.
    • NEW: Publish submitted listings from user dashboard automatically, with on/off control in Theme Options. Applies for free submission, paid submission and membership package submission.
    • NEW: Small Slider is added as an option on front end submission form.
    • NEW: AJAX filters are added also on taxonomy pages (Property Category, Property Action, Property City and Property Area)
      EDITED: text enabled on Agents List and Properties list custom page templates.
    • FIXED: IE10 display for properties list
    • FIXED: Filters show properties by selected filter (not mandatory with status Featured)
    • FIXED: .PO translation for User Submission Form and Admin Theme Option

    WP Estate 1.94 - Released November 6, 2013.

    This upgrade includes a few IMPORTANT notes.

    For clients who are upgrading from an older version, please consider the following:

    • - Deactivate and activate the theme again for listings to pick up the new FEATURED option and new Zoom Controls on taxonomy pages. If you upgrade from v1.93, Theme Options will be saved. If you upgrade from an older version, Theme Options will be overwritten (like landing address and custom colors).
    • - If you want to update also the revolution slider as well you must:
      1. Connect via FTP manager to WPESTATE/WP-Content/plugins/revslider
      2. Go to theme pack in WPESTATE/LIBS/PLUGINGS/REVSLIDER , open the folder and copy the files to your domain, in WPESTATE/wp-content/plugins/revslider
    • - If you upgrade from an older version and you want to activate NEW Membership packages, package limits will not consider the listings already submitted (paid or free).
      - The most recommended way is to start a new account for all users, to have an accurate package limit number.
    • - PayPal IPN account details must be updated for Membership to work (please see our manual above).

    ----------------FEATURES LIST v1.94 -----------------

    • - NEW: If you change from Paid or Free Submission to MEMBERSHIP, the default package (FREE MEMBERSHIP) will not consider listings added before the switch (only the new listings are substracted from the package).
    • - NEW in Theme Options - Pay per membership (alternative to Pay per listing or FREE listings submission)
    • - NEW in WP-ADMIN - Membership packages (ADD NEW PACKAGE and EDIT PACKAGE)
    • - NEW in Theme Options, FREE MEMBERSHIP free listings included and free featured listings included in the default package (assigned at registration).
    • - NEW: A Membership package includes: Name, payment cycle (day, week, month or year), payment cycle value (x days, x weeks and so on), listings included, featured listings included (deduct from total listings), package price and option to display package or not.
    • - NEW: Users see all packages in My Profile and can select to upgrade/downgrade package from the same page.
    • - NEW: Deleted listings deduct from package listings. User package will always consider deleted listings when counting package remaining listings.
    • - NEW: Users can choose to have a package recurring (the payment repeats every x day/week/month/year, as you've set for the package).
    • - NEW: If user's package expires because he didn't renew or he doesn't have money in account, the package returns to FREE MEMBERSHIP by default. All his listings will have status EXPIRED (expired won't show in listings). If user decided to renew package, he can re-submit listings for approval. He'll be able to re-submit only the number of listings allowed by his package.
    • - NEW: INVOICE MENU - a system to see what users have purchased different packages
    • - NEW: EDIT USER - the possibility to assign a package manually to an user by adding the Package ID, listings included and featured listings included.
    • - NEW in Theme Options - Add an extra fee for Featured Listing Option (a fee which will be paid though PayPal for each property if paid listing is enabled)
    • - NEW: Featured listings have a green Featured label on thumbs and show first in line in all listings.
    • - NEW: New notification for Admin if a user pays for a listing to be featured (includes the name of the property paid in the email).
    • - NEW: Admin can make featured listings from Front End submission. He sees all listings on the website.
    • - NEW: ON/OFF control in Theme Options to show or not to show EMPTY CITY and AREAS in advanced search
    • - NEW: Google Maps zoom control in Theme Options that applies for taxonomy pages.
    • - EDITED: City and Area in front end submission forms show as a drop-down with all cities and areas added in WP-ADMIN
    • - EDITED: Phone numbers have "call to" so they're clickable on mobile phones
    • - NEW: Google Maps zoom control in Theme Options that applies for taxonomy pages.
    • - EDITED: minimum height for property listing to min 345px, to accomodate listings with more info and not brake alignment
    • - EDITED: registration/forgot password email have client's website details in FROM headers (no WordPress)
    • - EDITED: added the minim image size requirements for User Profile image
    • - FIX: update message when user changes user info (not email)
    • - FIX: click on hover thumbs not working after using filters

    WP Estate 1.93 - released October 23 2013 which includes:

    • New Features:
      - Property List template features AJAX filters (Action, Category, City, Area and Order By)
      - Login with Facebook, Yahoo and Google
      - ON/OFF control for each login button in Theme Options
      - IDX PRO support (we had to make changes to the standard IDX PRO version CSS as well, to accomodate both).
      - we added Google Zoom map control in WP_ADMIN: Edit Page, Edit Property, Edit Agent and Edit Post
      - New sidebar widget for LOGIN/REGISTER (login and register forms are built with Ajax)
      - Agent Page header Google Maps shows the listings assigned to Agent - from My Listings. Because of this new improved login, we removed the custom coordinates for this custom post.
      - Added Property ID on front end, under price (Property Details). The ID is taken from wp-admin - Edit Property (given by WordPress) and shows Listing Id: LST-Property ID.
      - Advanced Search ON/OFF control for REvolution Slider and Images in header

    Current features updates:

    • - Scrolling option added in Drop Down filters
      - When submitting property user types in City & Area (so Admin doesn't have to pre-add all cities * areas)
      - User Dashboard colors are taken from Agent Border custom color set in Theme Options - Design.
      - Contact Widget updated (URL with text link and email with mailto:)
      - My Profile - Changing Password (new notification if the email is already saved for another account).
      - Changed Similar Lisitngs to include the last 3 properties from the same category and/or action (opposite to category, as it was until this version)
      - When de-activating and activating the theme, custom Map Settings and Color Settings are kept.


    • - Google Maps updated for 3G internet connections

    WP Estate 1.9.2 - released October 10 2013 which includes:

    • Remove CAPTCHA from contact forms
    • Create Contact Forms with AJAX
    • Added Remove Favorites button in User Dashboard
    • Small Slider alternative for Property Pages. When Small Slider is selected the header opens with the Google Maps address and Property Info Box open
    • Added default categories in Advanced Search and Advanced Search widget: All Listings, All Types, All Cities, All Areas
    • Filter Areas by City in Advanced Search
    • Attach Area to a City in wp-admin
    • Advanced Search shows in google maps only the listings from results. The same applies to listings by City, by Area, by Action or by Category.
    • Added switch button for PayPal Sandbox and LIVE in Theme Options
    • In email received by property agent or user, we added the link of the page from where email is sent.

    WP Estate 1.9.1 - 25 September 2013 which includes:

    • - Ajax Login/Register Forms
    • - AJAX Property Submission FORM
    • - User Profile with profile image, contact info
    • - Assign User profile to properties submitted by user. People can contact the user from Property Page
    • - Favorite Listings with Login/Register AJAX pop-up forms
    • - Forget Password
    • - Change Password
    • - Homepage Google Maps control to be smaller (like in internal pages). Turn this option ON from Theme Options - Appearance

    WP Estate 1.9 - 18 September 2013 which includes:

    • - 3 new Advanced Search Layouts
    • - Advanced Search Type 2: vertical, with contact form
    • - Advanced Search Type 3: vertical
    • - Advanced Search Type 4: horizontal
    • - ON/OFF control for the Map Filters on Google Maps
    • - Added all PayPal currencies for paid submissions

    WP Estate 1.8 - 10 September 2013 which includes:

    - Paid Submission via PayPal
    - Enablem Paid Submissions from Theme Options
    - Set the price for 1 submission from Theme Options
    - Set the currency for 1 submission from Theme Options (EURO or USD)
    - Added email notification for Admin when new user submits a property
    - Added email notification for Admin when user edits a submitted property
    - Added email notification for Admin when user pays for a property
    - Added ON/OFF control to show or not all Features and Amenities (including those that don't apply for a property)
    - Added Filter Button on Property Page List template
    - If user clicks on Filters like TYPE Bedrooms NO and doesn't add info, the text shows again after user goes to next filter

    WP Estate 1.7 - 2 September 2 2013 which includes:

    • Front End user submission with dedicated plugin and 2 dedicated shortocodes (for Login and Register forms)
    • Property Pins & Icon submission
    • Removed the need to have an action for a property
    • Revolution Slider integration ($15 value integration)
    • Advanced Search Widget plugin
    • Zillow Estimate widget plugin
    • New colors controls for second menu, new widgets, hover effect
    • Removed Yellow Man (Google Street View) from Homepage and Internal Pages google maps
    • Recent Items shortcode updated to filter latest listings and articles by category ID
    • New shortcode added to filter articles and listings by post ID
    • Geolocation on Google Maps with on/off control in Admin.
    • Added Radius control for Geolocation in Theme Options

    WP Estate 1.6 - second release August 10 2013 which includes:

    • Google Street View angle camera control
    • Property price disappears if none is set
    • After price label added to edit Properties
    • Property status management added
    • Features & Amenities management added
    • dsIDXpress WordPress Plugin compatibility added (with a custom css that resembles the general theme design) - http://wordpress.org/plugins/dsidxpress/
    • IDX listings to show on header map, if IDX widget exists on the sidebar
    • Property Page title labels management added
    • Floating Menu labels management added
    • Custom CSS can be used with Custom Colors set to NO
    • Improved Contact Form behavior (show message status)
    • Fixed edit Actions - to not create new actions automatically

    WP Estate 1.0 - initial release June 10 2013

    I) Support & Custom Work - top

    1. If you discover a bug please report it at http://support.wpestate.org/. We will release a fix ASAP.
    2. If you have any questions regarding this theme please write at http://support.wpestate.org/
    3. Keep watching our change log. We will release new features on this theme!
    4. Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this theme. As I said at the beginning, we'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this theme.


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